PR Team Leader Consumer Health

PR Team Leader Consumer Health

TITLE: Account Supervisor-Account Director [TITLE DOE]
EMPLOYER: Spectrum Science,
SECTOR: Science Communications/Consumer Health
LOCATION: Washington DC | ADDRESS: 2001 Pennsylvania Ave NW  Washington, DC 
TO APPLY: email resume to Deb Kaufman,

DESCRIPTION: Spectrum is a full-service, health and science communications agency, providing best-in-class service to organizations committed to innovating in healthcare. With passion, creativity and a commitment to the highest level of client service, we work in multiple arenas, including consumer health, medical devices and diagnostics, environmental, food and nutrition, government, health and wellness, hospital, academic, non-profit, patient advocacy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Spectrum is seeking an innovative communications agency-trained Team Leader/Director, who will be managing Consumer Health/OTC clients. The ideal candidate will be both creative and forwarding-thinking in the day-to-day & strategic management of client engagements, and will be leveraging the science & studies that validate consumer health, food & nutrition, wellness and OTC products.

  •   Demonstrate agency principles in all professional and networking endeavors
  •   Embody an understanding of client subject matter and ability to communicate to
    others in a way that is an extension of the client contact, while engendering client
    confidence and trust
  •   Manage the engagement of digital & social media platforms and their influence
    on strategic goals
  •   Demonstrate the ability to develop strategies that meet client objectives and
    program goals
  •   Ability to apply research insights to inform strategic objectives and overarching
    program goals
  •   Ability to develop client proposals and recommendations
  •   Embody a superior attention to detail and consistent delivery of work that meets
    or exceeds expectations
  •   Effectively manage account budgets in conjunction, where applicable, to meet
    client goals
  •   Liaise with account team leadership for regular updates, opportunities to expand
    strategic thinking and growth opportunities
  •   Supervise direct reports and play an active role in their professional development

    Client Service Utilization Target: 95% (B)
  •   Personal billability meets or exceeds standard
  •   Manage client budgets and team revenue targets where applicable on client
    projects and as part of the Planning Committee

 Develop strategic programs that meet client goals and manage the execution of
tactics against the targets
 Day to day client contact (initiate/lead meetings, provide counsel, trouble

shooting and status updates)

  •   Manage high client satisfaction level within budget parameters
  •   Team planning and execution of tactics in a timely and high quality fashion
    (media tours, trade shows, conferences, other events, written deliverables, etc.)
  •   Ensure team’s consistent use of Spectrum Scientific Method
  •   Develop more complex media pitch strategies and communicate vision to team
  •   Write complex, strategically key media materials and other deliverables (scientific
    materials, C-suite/executive messaging, etc.) 
 Provide team direction in media outreach efforts/frame pitch angles/media relationships/spokesperson training

  •   Ensure mature use of mobile and social media platforms by team members
  •   Responsible for results of client events (medical meetings/special events, etc.)
  •   Proactively identify or flag potential client issues and opportunities

    Business Development Utilization Target: 2%
    Valuable, usable creative input provided to new business brainstorm sessions

 Assist management team in the development of new business opportunities with
new prospects and targets
 Visible role in the pitch process; assist in presentation development
 Identify and deliver organic growth opportunities across existing client accounts

Firm Management Utilization Target: 2%
 Member of Planning Committee to allocate staff resources and direct financial projections and planning
 Capture and transfer best practices to junior staff/Spectrum Scientific Method

  •   Manage client budgets, staff allocation and forecasting
  •   Keep senior team informed of any client, team or personnel issues
  •   Effectively meet deadlines, manage priorities and communicate effectively to
    team members

    People Development Utilization Target: 1%
  •   Make professional development and promotion recommendations for junior team members
  •   Demonstrate and nurture agency values and principles

 Management and mentoring of direct reports playing an integral role in their
professional development

Bridge Performance Indicators

  •   Demonstrate an ability to provide high-level counsel and guidance to clients
  •   Create and guide tactical execution against strategic vision for clients that is
    mindful of communications and business objectives and agency resources
  •   Manage teams and budgets to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality, relevant
    work from all team members
  •   Serve as a mentor to others, identifying and teaching areas of improvement and
    communicating success to energize others
  •   Advancement of agency growth through identification of organic growth opportunities and prominent leadership of new business efforts
  •   Maintain an understanding of client billing, projecting policies and processes, and proactively support team leads
  •   Lead agency growth and leadership through financial projecting and allocation of resources
  •   Serve as a mentor to junior staff (direct reports) and pass on knowledge and guidance to others for high-quality deliverables across projects 

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